A Cat Mother’s Note…



Earlier this year I moved out of my place and was unable to bring my 2 cats with me. It was a huge sacrifice to make but it had to be done. Any cat mom knows the connection  you have with your pets and how they become a huge part of your life! So, I was browsing through my documents on my laptop and came across this letter I wrote to my cats…. it’s sweet and funny that I even wrote it so I thought in the spirit of blogging, I’d share it with you! 
(Yes I realize cats can’t read, and no I didn’t print it out and physically place it near them… I just wrote it to get my feelings out into the universe in hopes they could feel my love miles away.)


Jersey and Jade,
you were both my heart. I loved you both more than I can express. Every morning you were at my bed waking me up with your cute meows and Jade walking all over us while Jersey patiently sits at the edge of the bottom of the bedpost. You guys made mommy feel very loved and fulfilled. I hope you knew how much I loved you by the time we spent together and how I looked into your eyes. I always tried to send you vibrations of love and tried to be as closely connected to both of you individually as I possibly could. You didn’t know this but most humans aren’t around as much as I was, and it made me that much closer to you because I was. You’re both angels. You blessed mommy more than anything else could have. You’re beautiful. Both of you, inside and out. Your coats were so perfect for your different personalities. Jade you were so masculine girl, affectionate and fiesty yet loving. & Jersey you were the littlest pumpkin ever, you never seemed to grow.. your little white paws made me so happy. You and I used to talk, you know. I would ask you questions and you would meow back at me. Nothing will ever compare to either of you and the place in my heart for you is where you will always live. I hope you were happy living with me even though we moved around a lot. I wanted to be with you for the rest of our lives but some humans get really bad reactions from fur and I couldn’t bring you where my next move was. I hope you both always remember me and always love me, because I will love you forever. Same with Lilian. You are all my precious babies and you meant the world to me. Nothing in this life has ever made me want to be alive more than the love of you cats. So thank you for making this girl feel like she had meaning in the world and to a couple of lives & souls. You will always live in my heart, for as long as it beats and my mind still remembers- you’re my precious babies & I love you more than anything.
Love Jamie Lynn Wild, your mommy


Let’s be honest, I definitely don’t lack cheese 🙂 
Cat lovers – unite!


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