Be The Change.


Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”.
A task that may seem easier said than done. If we could change one little thing in our everyday life I think it could make a big personal impact. Don’t do nothing just because you don’t think you can’t do something. You can always do something. A simple smile given to a stranger on the street can make both parties feel great. You never really know what people are going through, and I feel like making people happy, in any small way, is a great justice to the injustice in the world.

Throwing somebody a smile is like sticking a sword in the heart of hatred.

Social media has made it easier and easier for bullies and opinionated brats to voice their hateful words. It’s sad. Is it because they don’t have enough love in their own lives, or because they think being mean spirited is cool? You know what IS cool? Being kind to people. Giving people an ear, a shoulder- even if it’s just over the internet. Being supportive and encouraging is so cool.

Somehow society has lost it’s way. We’ve all become strangers in a more technologically open atmosphere and we’ve all fallen into  the media’s idea of what’s cool or funny at one point or another. I think being the change is recognizing what’s right and wrong and living in a positive light. There’s no doubt that trying to be nice all the time is going to get you scrutinized… people feed off of negativity, but at the end of the day it’s the right thing to do.

Be there for people. Open your hearts. Share your thoughts, connect on a deeper level than small talk, and never forget to be appreciative. Being appreciative more and expecting less from people will make you realize you can depend on yourself for happiness, and because you’ll be less effected by others, you’ll be more capable of being a source for others happiness.

Doesn’t that sound nice? Think about it.


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