How do you fill the void?

This video is a short film my younger sister sent to me a little while ago while I was going through a big life change. Her faith has been an inspiration to me since I was a teenager. This is by far the most touching short film I’ve seen about Jesus and God so far.

Please watch it.. because whether you believe in God or not, the subject matter still ties in with the name of this blog.

How do you fill the void?

What are you searching for?

The last few years of my life have been the most sober since I was about 14. I, like most of us, lived for the weekend. Lived for those nights with your friends that you may or may not remember. Our lives basically revolved around drinking and drugs – for years. There comes a point, at least for me, where I stopped and really thought about it. All of those nights I was dying to get drunk and lose my mind.. it wasn’t just because it was a good time. I was desperately running away from my issues. From thoughts I couldn’t handle. Circumstances I didn’t know how to change. Is that what we’re all doing living this lifestyle? Is it really as fun as it always was, 10 years in, every single weekend?

I guess it is for some people, or at least they’d swear it is. For me, though, I really started to question things. Are my friends my friends because they care about my life or are they hanging out with me on weekends to have another drinking buddy? I’m sure we’ve all wondered this. Maybe girls more than guys though. It’s not a nice thought, though it’s probably realistic.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have fun, at all. I completely condone it. I just wonder how many of us are doing it for fun, or as an escape.

Having faith has really made me step back and think about these things. I guess we all have to have our vices. Some people have drugs, some people lose themselves in religion, drinking, smoking, sex, some people read books to escape… there’s so many ways to just try to lose yourself in something instead of working out the kinks in our lives.

I guess this is kind of a negative post but the intentions are positive. I guess I hope to open somebody’s eyes, or at least make them think about their lifestyle and figure out if they’re doing things with the right intentions.

Some helpful steps to take to work out those kinks are:

don’t leave things unsaid – speak your truth

apologize where apologies are due – lose your ego

take chances, don’t be so afraid to do what you want

create a support system for yourself, if it can’t be your family… make your own family out of your friends, co workers, anybody you can confide in.

stop being a people pleaser, you’ll never make yourself happy that way

if it’s a relationship that’s getting you down, maybe it’s time to let go of it.

get to know yourself and let other people get to know you, sober. we can all be a blast when we’re intoxicated, but that isn’t the true essence of our nature. make sure you have people around you that love you for you.

Regardless of your status on religion, have faith. It’s important to have faith that things will always work themselves out and that there’s always opportunities to be happy.

Seize those moments and appreciate the little things.

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