Forgiveness and Letting Go


Has something been weighing you down? Can’t let go of what your co-worker said about you? A friend, a family member, your girlfriend or boyfriend disappointing you?

It’s easy to let our emotions get the best of us. Hey, it’s really easy to let our ego convince us we’re just in holding that grudge of ours. This is natural, but it doesn’t have to be the way you live your life from here on out.

Grudges are a terrible pest for two important reasons. Firstly, holding grudges is bad for your health. It’s a little reminder in the back of your head that somebody did you wrong and you’re not willing to let it go. It can make you physically ill, depressed and can make you cold to people. Secondly, when you don’t let go of something, you are essentially giving it power. The power to eat away at you. To stay in the back of your mind taping on your thoughts and reminding you how people aren’t trustworthy.

You may think holding a grudge is a way to protect yourself, to really “stick it” to whoever wronged you. The truth is, though, that you’re only hurting yourself in the end. Forgiving somebody or a situation isn’t about saying what happened was OK. It’s not even about trusting that person again. Forgiveness is about letting go of the hurt the person or situation has placed on your heart. It’s a commitment to yourself that you are no longer going to carry around a torch for what happened and to stop putting this situation on a negative pedestal.


Time is your biggest friend. It gives you the opportunity to step back from a situation and dissect it. If you’re an understanding person you’ll be able to see all sides of the story. Even the side where somebody else may think what happened was your fault. The ability to redirect your thoughts from blame to understanding will be a great help in many different situations that life throws your way.

Please remember:
-people always have a reason for what they do and say
-forgiveness is understanding and letting go
-forgiveness is healthy and makes you stronger. 

Take back control of your emotions, you’ll be glad you did.


Being forgiving makes you a more positive force in the universe. 
Be a peacemaker. 


To err is human; to forgive, divine.
Alexander Pope 


4 Replies to “Forgiveness and Letting Go”

  1. I can do the forgiveness thing, but in some cases I don’t think it’s possible or even wise to forget. By that I don’t mean holding a grudge. Sometimes the experience is so painful and life-changing that you need to learn from it, e.g. to trust your instincts about people and situations and to act on red flags. And I agree that it’s very important not to allow a vile experience to poison your view of people generally.

    1. I completely agree, note that I never said forget! Forgiving and forgetting can be extremely naive. Forgiving alone can be healing, though. Thank you for the comment Vicky! xox

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