Kindness Matters


Have you always felt like you were different in some way? Maybe that you were born in the wrong generation? Do your ideals not match the world we’re currently living in?

You’re not alone. There is a vast majority of people that feel special, like they’re living outside of today’s culture and have their own thoughts of how we should be living. Have you noticed that society gets colder and colder as years go on? Sure people are becoming more accepting to race & sexual orientation… but are we really treating each other much better?

I’m an 80’s baby, so I can’t pretend to know how life felt for generations before me, but I can imagine. I can imagine how sophisticated it must have felt in the 20’s for women in their classy flapper dresses going to their dapper parties and social gatherings. How great it must have felt in the 50’s to be a picture-perfect homemaker and housewife. The liberation of free love and expansive consciousness in the 60’s. I wonder if the women and men of those times truly knew the significance of their generations. I ache to go back in time and visit each of them, be each of them. I feel like we all have bits and pieces of those times inside of us. We are living in the age of technology, but what else will -we- be remembered for I wonder? It’s too bad it wont be for a shift in conscious kindness.

No matter what generation you’re born in, I consider you special if you see the importance of treating people with kindness. It transcends time. I’ve been scolded for being “too nice”. A part of my personality which I am extremely proud of. I find it sad that instead of praising the gentle souls of the world, they get ridiculed for not being hard and cynical like others. It’s a shame! The past can be our greatest teacher, but I feel we’re a bunch of slow learners…have we learned nothing, 2013 years into life? Is THIS really as far as we’ve emotionally evolved?

Do you consider yourself a kind person, or has time jaded you? I hope you can find the strength and necessity in kindness. It will open your life to feelings of fulfillment and courage. It has the power to help and connect people, making us feel less alone in a world full of humans that’s losing it’s humanity. You are different, and special, and unique if you are truly caring and compassionate. You are full of power with these attributes, please don’t forget that! Try to practice kindness everyday, not just to the humans and creatures of the earth, but to yourself as well. Love yourself and you will better love others. Use your heart to mold the life you want by the way you go about things and treat people. If  you feel you were born in the wrong generation, pull ideals from the past and put them to practice for yourself, if you can. Imagination and heart can change everything.

Be supportive, encouraging, compassionate, caring, interested, loving, thankful and courageous!!

I wish  you peace and love!




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