The Wonderful World Of Kissing



is all I can think about lately.

Getting lost in somebody’s eyes,

body flushed with hormones.

Touching, teasing, tongue love.

That’s what I want.

Goosebumps, short breath, tingles running through my chest.

Mouth love.


1) Kissing increases your emotional connection.

To kiss somebody is to have the pivilege to touch them so intimately that your entire being feels it. The connection it can create can be intense and moving. In a relationship the connection can be kept up with frequent kissing, deep kissing. It’s so essential to bonding with somebody you love.

2) Kissing is a stress buster.

Kissing naturally decreases our levels of stress and sadness. It increases the levels of oxytocin in the brain which is linked to feelings of happiness. After something stressful happens to you, a good kiss (or kisses) is the best way to forget about your problems and feel like it’ll all be okay.

3) Kissing burns calories!

Okay, so it’s only about 2 calories per minute according to the internet, but it’s still something. Have a super long makeout session and burn those calories, one kiss at a time!

4) Kissing is a natural pain killer.

Just like kissing is a stress reliever it also is a natural pain killer. It releases amazing things naturally in our body such as oxytocin, dopamine, and phenylethylamine. Dopamine is greatly responsible for feelings of happiness and motivation to do pleasurable activities! Endorphines are known to relieve pain in the body and can also cause feelings of euphoria. Phenylethylamine, which is also found in chocolate, is said to influence attention and mood. Basically kissing is the best medicine!

5) Oh, the pheromones!

Pheromones are chemical messages sent between members of the same species and is said to play a huge part in human attraction. There is an organ called the vomeronasal organ located between the mouth and nose that can detect people’s pheromones. They are thought to signal sexual arousal and increase attraction towards appropriate partners.

I love that so much about human interaction & attraction is non verbal. 

Haptic communication is a form of this non verbal communication. According to Wikipedia, Haptic communication is a form of nonverbal communication and the way by which people and other animals communicate via touching. Touch, or the haptic sense, is extremely important for humans; as well as providing information about surfaces and textures it is a component of nonverbal communication ininterpersonal relationships, and vital in conveying physical intimacy. There are six different kinds of “touch”. These include: positive, playful, control, ritualistic, task-related and unintentional. It can be both sexual (kissing is one such example that is sometimes sexual) and platonic (such as hugging or tickling). Touch is the earliest sense to develop in the fetus. Human babies have been observed to have enormous difficulty surviving if they do not possess a sense of touch, even if they retain sight and hearing.

So, we need kissing to survive, basically. I won’t argue with that!

Go kiss somebody.


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