A Little Preface

As I wrote in one of my first blogs on this journey, I am taking an expressive writing class online. It started Friday and I’ve read some of one of the books I plan to use for reference. It’s called Writing Down the Bones. It’s wonderful, so far. There is a piece of the preface I felt like sharing, which is actually part of another person’s book that the author quotes.

Let these words sink in.

” It is my sincere wish that this book be taught in all public and private schools, that students learn how to do writing practice, that they come to know themselves, feel joy in expression, trust what they think. Once you connect with your mind, you are who you are and you’re free.

A long time ago I read Jack Kerouac’s essentials for prose. Four of them, in particular, have provided me with heart for the path:

Accept loss forever

Be submissive to everything, open, listening

No fear or shame in the dignity of your experience, language, and knowledge

Be in love with your life

Believe me, you, too, can find your place inside the huge terrain of writing. No one is so odd as to be left out. Now, please, go. Write your asses off. ”

I’m left inspired.



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