You don’t ever …

You don’t ever have to apologize for feeling sad. You aren’t being too sensitive. You aren’t imagining things or being overdramatic. You’re being true to yourself by honoring your emotions, and that is never something you have to feel ashamed of. Whether you have a need that isn’t being met, an old wound that’s been reopened, a person in your life who is making you feel small, a painful memory of something from the past, or an emptiness from the loss of someone you care about — there is always something underlying our sadness, and whatever it is, it’s important and valid. Whatever it is, it deserves to be expressed and felt.

Daniell Koepke

Throughout my 24 years of life I’ve been told I’m “too sensitive” too many times to count, by multiple people. It seems like some sick joke the universe is constantly pushing on me when people state that they know me well, know my sensitivity well, and yet do not treat me accordingly. To me, that makes little to no sense. It basically, in my opinion, makes the fact that you’re stating I’m too sensitive moot. 

Shouldn’t we be, while being true to ourselves, treating those we care about with respect and consciously avoid their buttons/ weaknesses? I just feel like it’s a limb of love that people too often neglect.

It’s the same with communication within relationships. It’s just like having a backbone. Regardless if you think others approve or understand of your feelings, you have every right to express them. In fact you’d be doing yourself a disservice not expressing them openly. Being sensitive doesn’t mean you always have to freak out when something triggers you, but you can definitely get your point across, need to get your point across. Sometimes people just can’t grasp how much something can bother you. Worst of times, they just don’t care. 

Be aware of these types of people that enjoy pushing your buttons. Stay clear of those who do it and deny it when you confront them. They are the seeping evil the universe has yet to destroy. Know that you’re untouchable and roll with it. Try not to let these other flesh sacks of organs, blood and experiences sway your behavior. None of them are worth it and you have to look in the mirror everyday and say “Yep, I’m rad.” 

Weed out the people that don’t care about your feelings & hold on to those who do. Don’t take for granted somebody simply asking you about your life. Don’t chase after people who only want you to boost their ego- it’s toxic to your soul! 

Sensitive or not, you ARE rad. You’re the most radical thing this universe has conjured up yet! Believe that and you will shine. Live that and you’ll feel unbreakable! 

I believe in you. I believe in sensitivity and awareness, and I do not believe it’s a negative attribute for a human being to possess. 

Embrace yourself, honey. Feel the power of being so aware, noticing body language, feeling like your senses are heightened. Have no shame in not being a cold hearted robot!

Sensitives Unite! 



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