In my expressive opinion…


Last weeks’ assignment was creating word webs from one core word, mine being LIFE.
Choosing three of the words that stuck out to me most; Conscious, Warning, and Purpose. 

In this week’s assignment we had to expand on these thought provoking words.
Here is my submission:

I’m the kind of being that’s just fine hanging out in my room and contemplating life. Lazy? A lot of people would think so, to me, I am just more philosophical than most get the opportunity to be. Growing up we are told that yes we need an education and that in turn it will help us get a great job. We are taught this while being completely consumed and distracted by Disney, our little social lives, feeling hormones, seeing movies and shows that brainwash us into thinking life is a magical fairy tale and we will all live happily ever after. Where is the logic in this? I realize kids need entertainment and the stories of Disney are lovely and heartwarming, but where is the actual preparation for real life? School isn’t it. It keeps us caged and teaches us how we either fit or don’t fit into certain social situations. I’ve retained basically nothing I’ve learned in school, and haven’t necessarily had to use any of it either. I can’t help but ponder often, what is the point?  What is the grand scheme of things and why is it all pointing towards working for a company for their profit. The main thing we benefit from working full time jobs is survival. We meet deadlines and pay bills and shop, we keep up with the Joneses and everything our elders have played out before us. “We were meant to live for so much more, have we lost ourselves?” . This is a great line, it screams the truth of our kind. Born with these brains so curious and tangible yet we grow up to wear stiff clothing and give our time to chase after money. We are capable of such intelligence and yet we waste our time scrapping by than searching for truths. The truth seekers are shamed now. Why? Why is it such a battle, this life? There is no clear warning growing up that you’ll have to basically settle and be miserable just to have that house, that new car, those designer clothes. It’s all a wash, in my opinion. We’re too focused on outer worldly possessions than the fascinating world of human beings. Why aren’t we all studying ourselves, why isn’t this planet, full of the same creatures, all living the same? Why aren’t we striving for that? Instead we strive for differences. Embracing individuality should not take away from our interconnectedness. I can’t believe I was born into this world. I love planet earth, and I love human beings, but I hate what we have become. This illusion we have created. I’m a lazy nobody in a lot of eyes. To me, though, I am a philosophical angel. Hear me preach. Read my words and feel that they are also your own. We are all twisted and confused, but we deny ourselves change. I can’t blame people though, after all it is our survival. So, what can we do? You all will settle, and I’ll write about it.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Does this ever even cross your mind? Are you too consumed by your lifestyle? Do you feel pressures from our social constructs? I am dying to know every person’s thoughts. I feel like making some sort of video documentary with people I know, and even strangers, expressing their thoughts on this very subject.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and keep your minds open!



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