Do what you need to, for yourself.


It’s been about forever since my last post and that’s because there has been so much change, as usual, consuming my mind. Today, my energy is being used to get done things I need to, for myself. Sitting down at my computer and having my morning tea is one of them. In doing this it gives me time to think about what I want for my day, if anything. Right now I’m focusing on what priorities I want for myself since these changes. I’m currently unemployed since my ex-boss threw me away like yesterday’s trash and got a new replaceable housekeeper. I miss the daycare kids and the productivity of cleaning everyday , but I know it was for the best and that everything works out as it needs to. I met a new guy at the beginning of the year that’s really helped me change my life. Regain my perspectives. When you’re single and looking for love on the internet, odds are most of the people you communicate with are either going to be duds or seriously damaging to your ego. Either way, I lucked out and got out of a serious short -term mental rut. This summer has been mostly spent with my love, being homebodies. I’ve yet to get a tan or find another job but I’ve been putting my mind back together in order to rearrange my life and mold it again. Which is actually kind of exciting. I may not be living the life people think I should be – the job, living independently, paying off my debts, being a social butterfly while I’m still young… but I’m living my life, according to me, according to my needs. MY needs. Nurturing my personal growth regardless of what judgement that’s caused me has always been my best decision. You could say I’m a seasoned traveler of my own mind and decisions that have created my life so far. With no set-in-stone for the rest of my life routine, I remain a mood driven contemplative being. More to come, thanks for reading!

-Do what you need to, for yourself. 


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