The Winds Of Change

sometimesinthewindsofchangeWhen you feel the winds of change a blowin’, do not look back in fear or confusion. Jump into new time lines with all your might and giver’! If you feel like certain areas in your life are starting to flow into a happy state where things are unfolding one positive happenstance at a time- embrace it! The universe is clearly telling you you’re on the right path and it will reward you beautifully if you just take notice and let it happen. When you do, it’ll feel exciting, you’ll get those butteflies in your tummy that you’ve probably missed just trying to get through each day. It’ll bring back your inspiration, the inspiration to follow your hearts truest desires. It may even make you feel like your dreams are absolutely coming true.. or at least have the possibility to. Isn’t that great? Knowing in your gut that life’s positive possibilities are being tossed all about your energy field!? See them, go towards them… grab them.. they’re yours! Maybe you’ve manifested these wonderful things happening in your life… maybe you’ve been praying every night to whatever God you believe in, maybe you’ve been building up some stellar karma and the universe is granting you some compensation, whatever it is that brought you to this magical phase is a blessing. Never stop believing that you can have what you want. Regardless of your current situation, the winds of change blow just around the corner.


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